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 Riverdale FRENCH   
 ドラえもん FRENCH   
 Mentalist FRENCH   
 Miraculous, les aventures de Ladybug et Chat Noir FRENCH   
 Smallville FRENCH   
 JoJo's Bizarre Adventure FRENCH   
 Les Experts FRENCH   
 The Walking Dead FRENCH   
 Mayday - Dangers dans le ciel FRENCH   
 Norsemen FRENCH   
 American Horror Story FRENCH   
 Lost, les disparus FRENCH   
 Stargate SG-1 FRENCH   
 Derrière les barreaux FRENCH   
 Monk FRENCH   
 Chicago Police Department FRENCH   
 Chicago Fire FRENCH   
 Adventure Time FRENCH   
 Super Sentai FRENCH   
 Naruto Shippuden FRENCH   

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